Bulk Prices

We offer a "Large Party Bag" which is roughly 170-180 cups of popcorn:

Butter popcorn $14.99
Caramel corn $59.99
Cheddar cheese $59.99
White cheddar cheese $59.99
Kandy corn (our version of kettle corn, no butter or oil added) $49.99

Specialty flavors: $99.99
Caramel with peanuts (cracker Jax)
White cheddar dill
Nacho cheese
Pepper pop (spicy cheese)
Heath candy bar
Butterfinger candy bar
Bacon caramel corn 

Gourmet Flavors: $134.99
White chocolate cashew
Puppy chow (caramel corn covered with chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar)
Cupcake (vanilla popcorn covered with white chocolate and sprinkles)
Sea salt caramel

These are some of the more popular flavors we offer but there are plenty more to choose from.

Stop in and sample to decide what is best for your next party or celebration!

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